In addition to writing, my expertise includes consulting for the travel industry. I know how hoteliers and operators can improve their guests’ experiences and better tell their stories. Luxury travel experiences live and die by their details, and I’ve honed a sharp eye for detail. And I hold a certificate in hospitality marketing from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. 

I’m an award-winning storyteller. Hotel managers and owners often thank me for “getting them” in a way that few other journalists have, and for driving their business. 

My consulting services include the following:

• Quality audits for hotels (“mystery guest” analysis)
• Quality audits of competitor hotels, focusing on their strengths and weaknesses, to assist with the positioning of a client’s hotel
• Brand building and strategy
• Content marketing
• Copy writing and ghostwriting
• Serving as an independent expert on a board of directors—I offer an out-of-the-box vision as an external adviser to larger companies in search for fresh ideas
• Assistance in balancing a hotel’s sexiness and its profitability, always a difficult balancing act.  
• Advising on how best to work with media, capture their attention and host a successful press trip.

I'm also available for speaking engagements and panel discussions and have spoken at the New York Times Travel Show. My areas of expertise include the future of travel writing, luxury travel, adventure, wellness and solo travel. 

Samples and references are available on request. Please contact me for more information about how we can work together: